Nasrani Lapel Pin
Show them where you stand

When ISIS terrorists enter towns in the Middle East, they paint the Arabic letter N on the homes and businesses of "Nasrani" - followers of Jesus of Nazareth - marking them for crippling taxes, persecution, and death.

Our hope is that millions of Christians will have the courage to join Tony in wearing this Nasrani pin to show the world that they are not afraid to be identified with Christ. Let it be a constant reminder to pray for the persecuted church and maybe even open doors to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and the salvation available to all through Him.

By ordering your pin today - including a few extra for friends and family members - you'll help fund FRC's ongoing efforts to stand for the Freedom to Believe and live accordingly. We're stronger when we STAND together, and wearing your pin will show that you stand with persecuted Christians everywhere!


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