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Stop Taxpayer-funded Abortions in Health Care

Abortion supporters are at it again by working to defeat a bill which would prohibit taxpayers like you and me from paying for other people's abortions.

Yes, that's right-: abortion supporters want us, the taxpayers, to continue to pay for abortions, especially in government programs like Obamacare.

We must work together to pass H.R. 7, the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act."

For over 30 years, the Hyde Amendment and other pro-life provisions have been renewed annually to prevent federal funds from being used to pay for abortions or healthcare plans which include abortion coverage. For over 30 years, Republicans and Democrats have come together to ensure that despite our differences, we should at least be able to agree that the government should not subsidize abortion.

Abortion is not healthcare, but Obamacare violates this longstanding consensus and bypasses the Hyde Amendment by giving taxpayer subsidies for abortions in the form of tax credits for healthcare plans which include abortion coverage. To restore the status quo and codify the bipartisan nationwide consensus on restricting government funding of abortion, Congress must pass H.R. 7.

H.R. 7 would make the Hyde Amendment permanent federal law and apply it government-wide to ensure that regardless of which ... (more)

Religious Freedom Day

Religious Freedom Day recognizes the importance of the First Amendment, inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s draft of The Virginia Statute. This spark ignited the flagship amendment to our Constitution, ensuring the rights of Americans to faithfully live out the Good News. Read the most recent publications from FRC President Tony Perkins, as well as Travis Weber, Director of the Center for Religious Liberty.

 What Trump can do about religious freedom


 Religious Liberty - The Way Forward


 Religious Liberty and the Wedding Vendor Cases

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Q&A on the Abortion Facility Regulations Decision

by Family Research Council

What does Texas’ H.B. 2 law say? This basic, commonsense law required that 1) abortion facilities be held to the same standard as ambulatory surgical centers and that 2) abortionists must have admitting privileges at a local hospital not further than thirty miles from the abortion facility. These regulations protected women from lax abortion industry safety standards by requiring that abortion centers meet necessary health and safety standards, including the presence of trained staff, corridors that could accommodate stretchers in ... (more)

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Families, Churches, and Crime Prevention

by Mr. J. Kenneth Blackwell

Ken Blackwell is Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at Family Research Council. This article appeared in The Heritage Foundation's 2016 Index of Culture and Opportunity. Politicians often argue that the solution to reducing crime is more government programs or building bigger jails. Yet government cannot adequately address the underlying problems of criminal behavior or fill the holes in people’s lives. What families need more than government programs are married fathers and mothers together in the home ... (more)

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What President-elect Trump can do about religious freedom

by Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins is President of Family Research Council. This article appeared on on January 16, 2017. Eighty-eight years ago almost to the day, the famed African-American civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. was born. Named for the monk who started the Reformation over four hundred years earlier, Dr. King would go on to become a Baptist minister and arguably the most important civil rights figure of the twentieth century. His religious beliefs and the freedom to exercise and speak out based on those beliefs were ... (more)