You've undoubtedly already heard from my friend Tony Perkins about the pastors and churches in Houston, Texas that have had their internal church communication subpoenaed by the Houston Mayor Annise Parker. This was done by the Mayor to intimidate pastors around the area who have been speaking out in support of a voter referendum on a "bathroom bill" that was forced upon Houston residents and businesses earlier this year. My friend, the church is the last bastion of truth in this country, and the government has no business snooping on the freedom of the church to exercise its First Amendment rights. We can't allow this overt intimidation to stand.

That's why I'm joining with Tony and others for a special nationwide simulcast from Houston on Sunday, November 2nd at 7:00 p.m. ET. Live from one of the affected churches in Houston, "I Stand Sunday" will focus on what's happening in that city, as well as other threats to religious freedom around the country. Our aim will be to show how Christians nationwide can stand together in love and unity for America's First Freedom of religious liberty.

Please bring this to the attention of the leadership of your church, and join with us and churches across the country as we focus on this issue that is crucial to the freedom of the ... (more)