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Gender Identity

Family Research Council does not believe that “gender identity” should be included as a protected category in non-discrimination laws or policies, as it is not comparable to inborn, immutable characteristics such as race or sex.

We believe that objective, immutable, biological sex is a more fundamental way of determining an individual’s identity than subjective, changeable, psychological “gender identity,” and therefore, biological sex at birth should be the only such marker used by governments at any level for any purpose. There is no convincing evidence that “gender transition” improves the mental health and physical well-being of any individuals suffering from gender dysphoria in the long run. Therefore, providing gender transition medical procedures such as hormones or surgery to minors should be prohibited.

Sympathy and compassion must be extended to those who struggle with gender dysphoria, and every effort should be made to assist such persons in overcoming those feelings should they seek to do so. Many individuals have come to greater wholeness and wellness by seeking such help.

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